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Monday, August 15, 2005

Google and iTunes?

So it seems as if Apple and Google are trying to come to terms of an agreement. Keep your fingers crossed. Because when it comes to the subject of software, Apple has been known to not want to do any business with lots of companies (but not all). Mr. Jobs remains tight around the throat about that. Well, I couldn't help but notice Troy Wolverton of has already reported on it on August 12, 2005. also published an article about this. But what exactly could this alliance mean? How likely is it? Let's take a closer look at that...

It make not seem like it, but this could be the collision of two giants (in their own fields that is) for the benefit of the public internet. Google, the world's leading search mogul, has the ability to reach millions and millions of computer users. Apple, with their iTunes product, is the nation's leading online music store. This means that music downloads (legal of course) could be made available to a really, large internet audience; not even comparable to the already large audience that iTunes has already reached. This says a lot considering the fact that Apple and iTunes are already at the top of their own perspective catergory.

Now we all know that Google, as well as Apple, has a very tight-lipped policy about talking to the public with regards to upcoming future projects,rumors, and speculation. Spokespersons for both Apple and Google have denied comment when questioned about this particular collaboration. Hmmmm....if I'm not mistaken...I think 1+1=2, unless my grade school math teacher taught me wrong.

Apple already has a partnership with Yahoo, Google's rival. Yahoo Audio Search is still in it's beta stage, so it's relatively new. Google and Apple already have a partnership going: A discount of Google's AdWords service for signed iTunes labels. Maybe this makes it slighty more possible. Of course, Google wants to be the best in every catergory they are involved in; it only makes more sense to step up to the plate when their rival(s) achieve something in an area Google hasn't dabbed in yet. I'm almost willing to bet that this will work out successfully.


At Tuesday, August 16, 2005 6:04:00 PM, Anonymous number said...

This will definitely be cool, if it happens...

But what I'm really waiting for is:




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