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Friday, August 12, 2005

Google & China

Google's next takeover attempt: CHINA. I have to admit, this is a very smart and strategic move considering the fact that China has the 2nd most Internet users next to the U.S. I think Google had this planned a long time ago though. I know alot of you have been keeping up with the Microsoft vs. Google Battle #769: Dr. Kai-Fu Lee (picture on the left). Though it's still going through legal procedures and not finished in court, I believe that this is a great chance for Google to try and pull one over Microsoft's head. I mean, think about it: What does Google have to lose? ------- And Microsoft? What do they have to lose? Well nothing much except for their highest ranking offical that's been swied from under their nose to date. Here is a copy of the complaint that was filed in court in the state of Washington - Formal Complaint.

And Google has taken the China invasion a step further, and have aquired 3 new partners, all of whom are China based companies. These companies are now authorized re-sellers for Google Ad-words as of Tuesday (8/9/05).

Google is on it's way to establishing it's market in China. And even though I have a business degree, you don't need one to know that China is nothing but an untapped oppurtunity for web based searcg engines.

Just wait. Google is working on establishing a stable marketshare in China.
So what would be next??? Google: China Local of course. You heard it from the GoogleDude™ himself. Just put another mark down for Google.




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