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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Google Site Maps

This one here Google should have been came out with, but I'm glad it's finally here. Google Sitemaps allows you to submit your sitemap in XML form for the googlebot spiders to index. This service is in it's beta stage, but Google's beta products are usually always pretty reliable, stable and dependable. Since you have to submit your site in XML form, this will help create more sitemaps for websites and help to make web searching more organized. Google Site Maps also tells you how to create your XML file if you don't already have one.

One of the best features in my opinion, is that Google Site Maps allows you to re-submit your site automatically with a click. This is useful for whenever you update your site and want the Googlebots to re-index your site.

I've started using this already and can tell that it is a great service. I have two sites that I can re-submit for re-indexing at ANY time. Nice move Google.




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