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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Google to provide national internet access???

Google is trying to take over the world. I'm convinced. In San Francisco, Google has provided a free Wi-Fi spot to whoever wants to use it. Could this be the beginning of the National Broadband Network that has been rumored to be in the works for Google? Very interesting to say the least.

GoogleNet! I can see it now. You may ask why would Google do this - that is provide FREE internet access to everyone? And how? It's really quite simple once you look at the bigger picture.

This "hotspot" that is providing free WiFi access from Google was created by a San Francisco based start-up company called FEEVA. It has been noted that FEEVA is working on providing more free hotspots in other major metropolitan areas across the United States such as Washington, Miami, Atlanta and New York.

So why would a start-up company reach out to cities that are located across the country when they have only done one in their own state in which they conduct business? Let me re-iterate: Feeva and Google ARE currently working together. Might I also add that Feeva has created the technology to advertise to a user's EXACT location. This line was taken from Google's "Our Philosphy" which they have on their Corporate Information Page.

Over the past year, Google has been buying up miles and miles of unused fiber-optic cable lines all over the US. These acquisitions have involved companies such as Cogent Communications, WilTel and AboveNet just to name a few. Now may I ask, "What the hell does Google plan on doing with this? And why? Ladies and Gentleman, here comes your answer.

If Google were to create their own internet access network, even thought it seems like this would cost Google MORE money, in all actuality it means more revenue coming in for Google. As of right now, Google does not have it's own ISP, so they have to utilize the service of a 3rd party to gain access. Sometimes Google pays as much as $60 per MB at a web searcher's request for information. As Google introduces more and more services, the cost for this rises more as Google's customers are downloading more and using more bandwidth. So the price that Google pays to their ISP continues to rise. Now by building their own network, Google can eliminate this cost and not have to pay anything out of their pocket to ANY ISP.

That's not all. The bigger picture: the more internet access that Google provides, the more of their ads are displayed on consumer's PCs. So that's EVEN MORE revenue coming in since Internet access would be increased exponentially. Google will receive more revenue from the services they provide such as Adwords and Adsense.

So, would this benefit Google? Most definitely? As for a National Broadband Network - Houston we have a go.




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