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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Google to Sell Over $4 billion in Stock

Google has just recently announced that it plans on selling 14.8 million shares allowing the internet search giant to create a $4.2 billion increase in money on hand. This move alone will make Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin billionaires.
What Google plans to do with all of this money is unclear at this point. But according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange commission, some of the proceeds will go to "complementary businesses'' and acquisitions that have not yet been shared.

Let's take a look at some possibilities that Google could have in mind.

1. Expanding overseas - this has been on Google's agenda for a while now since it's competitors have been doing the same thing. GOOGLE CHINA is a prime example of this.

2. Stay ahead of the competition - Yahoo made an announcement that is Google says they don't believe. But if it is true than indexing over 20 billion Web documents will definitely give Yahoo a slight advantage over Google. If true, Yahoo now has more pages to advertise their ads on and compared to Google, Yahoo would have two and a half times as many pages at that.

3. Increase workforce - Google increased it's workforce last quarter by 20%. That's a huge increase which quite naturally tells you that Google is expanding.

4. 1 Year Anniversary of IPO - or could it be that Google had this plan because this the first anniversary of their initial public offering.

5. Acquisitions - There's know doubt in my mind that Google will be gobbling up more companies here and there like their recent purchase of Android Inc. as well as their earlier acquisition of Dodgeball.

I still remember the day when Google stock went public a year ago. My friend Dan and I were talking about and commenting on how we should get some Google stock. Now we're both kicking ourselves in the a**! At that point all we had to do was spend $85 for each share. At the time of this posting Google stock (GOOG) is listed at $279.40 per share. If we would even have only bought 10 shares at $850 today we would be able to cash them in for a total of $2794.00 making a profit of $1944 on only 10 shares!

I know one thing, Google is up to something. They have a gameplan that hey are starting to act upon which includes expanding operations and expenditures. Keep your eyes open for more from Google in the next few months.




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