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Friday, August 19, 2005

Google Video

As a part of Google's mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful, the internet's most successful internet search company has introduced Google Video in it's beta stage. As one of the latest services introduced by Google, this particular one allows users to search TV and video files of their choice. An option in the preferences allows users to configure Google Video to display program channels and times for their U.S. zip code.

A few advantages:
  • commercial free
  • watch at your leisure
  • watch from your browser; no hardware to buy
  • view videos or broadcasts that were previously inaccessible

With Google Video you can select from Google's archive of television broadcasts and programs, whether you have missed it, or simply want to watch it again. Of course Google built their great search technology into this new service allowing users to search the show's title, text descriptions and closed captioning for results that coincide with the search terms, all right there from within your browser.

In addition to the stations and video clips that are indexed, Google has even started accepting user-submitted content from their Video Upload program. So if you have a video you want the world to see (and you own the rights), SUBMIT IT TO GOOGLE VIDEO! By the way, there is an approval process so for you exhibitionists out there, keep your self-made home porn to yourself. :) The approval process can be tracked through your account. Your video also has to meet their technical requirements as well as comply with their policy guidelines. More can be read from fall of the Saddam statue. I think this is a great accomplishment for Google once Google video is in it's prime. So go ahead and check it out and install Google Video Viewer.




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