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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Google API Applications

There are a lot of applications that have been made based off of Google's Web APIs service. You can also download your own Google Web APIs Developer's Kit here.

Here's a few nice applications that have been made.
  • Gvisit - Track visitors to your website using Google Maps
Track visitors to your website in real time using Google Maps
  • Blogflux MapStats - Visitor Statistics with Google Maps to display latest visitors
Blog Flux MapStats is the coolest way of tracking your website visitors. Not only does it provide the normal statistics and graphs, we have incorporated the system into Google Maps! Instantly see where your latest visitors are coming from, and find out what they are looking for.
  • The Google Family Tree - See relatives of any famous person
Find information about any famous persons relative. Includes mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, husband, wife, son and daughter.
  • PervWatch - browsable database of sex offender data with Google maps
This site aims to make it easy for anyone to quickly find sex offenders in a graphical way. Many of the state registries fulfill the purpose of making the data freely accessible, however it can be difficult and time-consuming to determine just how many live near you, and how close they are. This site plots the sex offenders on a map so you can instantly see how many and where they are.
Now Listing data for the following states: California, Florida, New York, Texas
  • NYsee - Google Maps with live traffic cameras
Mash-up of Google maps and live traffic cameras of New York City (yes, live!)
  • Actors - Find which roles that an actor plays
Enter the actors name and this Google API will give you a list of the roles that actor has played.
  • Top 30 Rank Check - Spelling Suggestions
Check how a web-page ranks for a given phrase in the top 30 Google results. A spelling suggestions API can also be found on this page.
  • Googlematic - Google through AOL IM or MSN Messenger
Googlematic lets you search Google through your Instant Messaging client. Well, maybe not your IM client in particular. But if you used AOL IM or MSN Messenger it would.
* AOL IMSend a message to the screen-name googlematic. Get the top result. Click on it to go there, or type "more" to see a summary of the top five results. Click on one of them, or type a number for more details.
* MSN Messenger Add a user, choose to add by email address, and type in Send a message and get the top result. Click to go there, or type "more" to see a summary of the top five results. Click on one of the addresses, or type a number for more details.
  • CapeSpeller 1.0
The big advantage of the Google spelling function is that it suggests alternative ways of spelling proper nouns and common phrases. CapeSpeller is a small Visual Basic application that interfaces with the 'spell' function of Google's Web Service embedded into your word processor.
  • Capemail - Asynchronous Google Access or Google by Email
CapeMail is an e-mail search application that allows you to send an e-mail to with the text of your query in the subject line and get the first ten results for that query back. Maybe it's not something you'd do every day, but if your cell phone does e-mail and doesn't do Web browsing, this is a very handy address to know.
  • GARBO - Google API Relation Browser Outliner
You enter a URL and choose whether you want pages that related to the URL or linked to the URL. Click on the triangle next to an URL to get a list of pages linked or related to that particular URL.
  • GAWSH - Google API Search by Host
The Google API Web Search by Host (GAWSH) lists the Web hosts of the results for a given query. When you click on the triangle next to each host, you get a list of results for that host.

Well, that's it for today. GoogleDude's out of here! :)


At Thursday, October 13, 2005 3:23:00 PM, Blogger gethky said...

Hope you don't mind that I copied part of your heading in my "Sampler" blog where I have collected other great works from such serious, high-minded bloggers as yourself.

At Thursday, October 13, 2005 5:07:00 PM, Blogger GoogleDude said...

Don't mind at all. Appreciate it.
By the way, nice blog!




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