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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Google AdSense preview tool

What is the Google AdSense preview tool?
The Google AdSense preview tool can help you to see what your site would look like with Google AdSense placed on it. It has a right click function that integrates AdSense into any web page.

Other features include:

Check the destination of ads that are on your page : ads displayed in the preview tool are in a test state, so you don't have to worry about accidentally clicking on an ad. Clicks and impressions are not counted against the ads that display within the preview tool.

View sample ad formats and colors : create previews of formats and color combinations within the preview tool. Choose from 2 different preview formats, plus a 12 ad spread that allows you to view more available ads at once.

Preview colors on your page : the 'Preview' feature of the Color Options menu allows you to see what new color combinations would look like on existing AdSense standard ad units, right on the page. By simply selecting new border, background, or text colors from the preview tool, and clicking "Preview," the new colors will be temporarily applied to the standard ad unit currently on your page.

Geo-targeted locations : select the geo-targeted location from which to view ads, allowing you to see what users in Canada will see, even if you live in Japan.

If you would like to use the Google AdSense preview tool, simply right click on the link below and save the file to your desktop. Be sure that the extension you save it as ends with ".reg" without the quotes. Now double click on the file you just saved to your desktop. Click "Yes" in the confirmation window. You will need to restart Internet Explorer in order to start using this feature.

AdSense Preview Tool
Now whenever you right click you will see the option "Google AdSense Preview Tool". Simply click on it and the tool will launch.




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