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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Google to take over the World?

When I first started this blog, the title at the top stated, "Today the Internet, Tomorrow, the World". I was being a bit sarcastic. But truthfully nowadays, it really seems as if Google is trying to get a foot in the door everywhere that the public has a concern.

To support this theory, I will use nothing but the facts, as only facts are relevant.

First, let's start with Google Wi-Fi and Secure Access. This, tied in along with Google testing and giving away free wireless internet service in particular areas? Come on now, we all learned in kindergarten that 1 + 1= 2. This would make plenty of sense. Offer wireless internet to users in areas where advertising aimed at the user can be reflected by the user's geographical location as well as personal preferences, which Google is building a list of on all it's user's. The same thing has been done with Gmail, maybe without the geographical location targeting. So why not try and give free wireless internet service to EVERYONE? It would be supported by Google's biggest cash crop, content targeted advertisements, that could easily be made more appealing with the addition of one of Google's infamous algorithms. Along with Ad Sense? I dare you to tell me that doesn't make sense.

And it's already in the air that Google TV could be put into action. So how bout integrating that Wireless Internet with a TV program that is similar to TV-on-Demand? This content could just easily be streamed from Google's servers the same as Google Video is done. So if you follow Google at all, you must have heard about Google buying miles and miles of fiber optic networking around the country. What use could this be? This quote is taken from Jason Lee Miller over at

a free nationwide broadband network could save consumers and Google some money while putting serious heat on other telecom companies.

Not too mention that Google has registered the following domains:,,,, and Not too mention the recently added
Hmmmm, a coinincidence maybe. I don't know, but I do know that 2 + 2 = 4.

Of course all the other Google applications can tie in just as easy. I think Garett Rogers puts it best. He stated:

Imagine the possibilities… You are watching Google Satellite TV
through your "internet ready" Google DVR:

1) You receive a new Gmail and it
pops up automatically on your TV (if you choose to see new messages of course).

2) A ticker at the top of the screen shows recent news that interests you… or
better yet, it shows new items from my
Google Reader!

3) A more personalized TV experience which will
serve up relevant commercials on commercial breaks based on your

Considering the fact that Google can make their products all interact with one another through Google Accounts, what's stopping Google from alerting you while you watch Google On Demand TV that you have received an off-line message from your friend on Google Talk. He wanted to see if you heard the news of the new content that has been added to the Google servers, but your Google Alerts you listened to this morning when Google alerted you too wake up. But at the same time, you get updates across the bottom of the screen that are directly form your Google Reader subscriptions. With details and Google Map links and directions to the advertisement from your grocery store that's only a few blocks down the street. You make your way to the store, sure that you will make it because the Google Earth display in your vehicle Some how, Google knew that you were waiting for that seafood to go on sale.

Soon we won't even have to worry about recovering stolen cars. Just do a Google search for it after they incorporate this project with Google Earth. Bam!




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