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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (and different Google logos and font)

Image hosted by


Hope everyone out there has a safe, joyful and happy thanksgiving!!! I think I'm going to gain a few pounds today! Can't wait to eat!

Want to see some of Google's Thanksgiving images? I found them hiding on Google's server. Here they are:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

If you would like to find other holiday Google images you can find them on Google's Holiday logo page. They also have official logos and fan logos that you can take a look at too.

There's a site that has Google Logo Images, Google Logo Pictures by Google Fans, Google Logo Design Awards, Fake Google Logos and more. You can find all these at

Want to design a custom logo with the same letters and font that Google uses? You can find those at

Want to have a Google search page with your name on it instead of Google's? Just use Google My Way. It's fun to use that as your default Google page too. You can have one just like GoogleDude's and still use it the same as the normal Google search page.

You can find information on the Google font, which is called Catull on this page, and see what the exact font letters and numbers look like here.

There is also a command line program called Gpaint that you can use to create Google-like logos.

GoogleBlog happened also to make a post today saying Thanks Victoria doodlers celebrating the opening of their new office in the Victoria area of London.

Whew! Enough of the Google font and logos and pages. Time to eat! Have a great Turkey Day!




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